In the East and South People Understand that We are Going the Wrong Way. It is a Verdict for Yanukovych, Pavlovskiy

The BYUT deputy Andrey Pavlovskiy thinks that the Cabinet of Ministers is using fake indicators in the new budget.

In an interview to Censor.NET regarding the budget 2013 expectations, Pavlovskiy said: "This will be a painted facade budget. There will be a facade called the budget but there will be only painted figures inside it, fit to show regular indicators. We understand that these macroeconomic indicators set by Azarov's government are all fake, artificially created, and they do not correspond to the realities of life".

The deputy said that "even the State Statistics Committee is being forced to provide false information that would be pleasant to serve at Azarov and Yanukovych's table. We always hear: growth there by 3%, growth of this by 4%, and it sounds like heaven on earth. The people make fun of the Regions' slogan by interchanging words: "the stability has been overcome and the ruin has come". The citizens of Ukraine do not need to see it on TV or read about it in the paper: these macroindicators, optimistic reports and proposed budgets are nothing but fraud. Open your wallet, look at your budget and think: compared to two years ago can you buy more or less for your family?", noted Pavlovskiy.

It is sufficient to just look at the prices, he explained.

"In 2010 the AI-95 (mid-grade) gas prices were 7-8 hryvnias per liter (3.8 USD per gallon) and now they are 11-12 (5.6 USD per gallon). It is the same with food products the prices for which grew 2-3 times in some positions. And the people feel it. At the same time the wages rose by 10-15 % in the past two years. That is, there is a disproportionate growth of consumer prices and very poor growth of pensions, wages and scholarships. This discord is felt by everyone, even in the east and south where the regime's propaganda has stuffed the people's heads. But people feel with their skin that things are going the wrong way", said the deputy.

"Research & Branding Group political expert Kopatko has announced the results of a poll conducted in the south and west where people were asked: "Do you think that Ukraine is developing in the right direction economically?". 72% said they felt that Ukraine was going in the wrong direction and were unhappy with the economical development. This is a verdict for Yanukovych and his party, for their so-called reforms", concluded Pavlovskiy.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n216458