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 Bogatyreva Accuses her Party Fellows: Kivalov and Kolesnichenko Cannot Find the Time to Talk about the Language Matter

The authors of the Law "On the Basics of the State Language Policy" Sergiy Kivalov and Vadym Kolesnichenko do not take part in the meetings of the working group that is revising the law.

According to UNIAN, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister ofHealth Bogatyreva stated this fact in Donetsk.

"We have an instruction from the Head of State to create aworking group, to attract all those expressing a wish and those whodeveloped the law. Kivalov and Kolesnichenko are not the owners,the law is in operation, it is the Law of Ukraine. We invited theminto the working group, but they, however, have no time to talk",said the minister.

She noted that "the working group is represented by allscientific elite on the matter that we are discussing. That is whyI would not say that there are some wrongful discussions of thelaw. We will continue inviting the authors of the language law tothe working group".

She underlined that the law needs to be amended andimproved.

Vice Prime Minister explained that work on amendments to thelanguage law will be painstaking, transparent, collective and thefinal bill will be thoroughly examined and scientificallygrounded".

"I think that all members of the working group have to be heard. Wemake decisions by a way of voting and the product that will beproduced by this group will be directed to the National Academy ofSciences of Ukraine for an expertise of our suggestions.Subsequently the law will be directed to the Cabinet of Ministersand the President of Ukraine where these amendments will be workedon", concluded Bogatyreva.

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