In aninterview to ICTV, the deputy reminded that the language law waspassed because his party always promised their constituents to makeRussian the second official language.

"We set a goal of making Russian the official language. There wereno secrets. We were running with this program in the lastelections. In the program we have now we prolonged theseintentions. And we are going in this direction step-by-step. If wehad the opportunity to resolve the problem on the regional level incomplete accordance with the Constitution - we did it. An we didnot bend anybody at that", stressed Efremov.

Efremov informed that he has been dealing with the language matterfor several years. And after the first bill was proposed andreceived negative feedback in world institutions he adviced hiscolleagues to work on it.

"I asked my colleagues to consider all remarks, coordinate withworld institutions, including the Venice Commission, and then putit to vote. There are 50 positive findings of various expertinstitutions that provided corresponding written conclusions(regarding the language bill). Was it a problem for anyone? No. Weresolved the matter, voted on it and then there were shouts andcomplaints", says the deputy.

"And now they say: let's quickly - in one month before theelections - vote for some other law that provides something no onecan even say what it is. Do you seriously think that the matter canbe resolved in a month before the elections? It is absolutelyunacceptable even for beginning politicians. And of course, thepeople who seriously deal with this clearly understand that youcannot do it like this", emphasized the Regions deputy.