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 Accident with the Regions Deputy: Witnesses Threatened, Victim's Parents Demanded Compensation

Yesterday a funeral of the 25-year old Dmytro Gurtovyi who died in the the accident took place in Cherkassy oblast.

According to TSN, the young man was the only child and worked as an inspector of Zhashkiv subdivision of Executive Inspection of the State Penitentiary System of Ukraine. The deceased also had two higher educations.

As Censor.NET reported previously, he was driving a Daewoo Nexia that had an accident with a Mercedes-Benz GL 550. Driving out of a gas station onto the highway and attempting an illegal U-turn, it had a collision with the SUV.

That evening Dmytro and his friends were going back from Sofiyivka. Father of the deceased says that he saw the surveillance video from the gas station: "he (Dmytro) drives out, one car passes by - it doesn't hit him but the other one hits him - there is only dust in the air. The car, that SUV, did not even hit the breaks".

Eye-witnesses say that there was a woman behind the wheel of the Mercedes and a couple of men in the car. After the accident the men took off the license plates, got into another SUV that was driving behind them and left the scene without calling an ambulance or the police.

Mass media obtained information that Party of Regions deputy (and candidate) Anton Yatsenko was involved in the accident. To deny the allegations, Yatsenko held two press-conferences on Monday - in Kiev and Cherkassy. The deputy stated that the SUV belongs to his sister but neither she nor he were in the car which was driven by the driver. He said that the deceased was the one who violated the traffic rules. "It is almost certain now - a drunk driver violated traffic rules. And, regretfully, this man worked in a law enforcement. This is a classic example of a person working in a law enforcement agency and thinking he is permitted to drink and drive", said Yatsenko.

When asked about where he obtained this information (the expertise is still ongoing) Yatsenko said that he talked to the head of the Uman raion (district) Traffic Police. Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office investigating the accident noted that they are still expecting the results of the blood tests of the deceased.

"A criminal investigation was opened in accordance with article 286. We cannot say who is guilty because considering the details of the crime we need to conduct a set of tests and the experts will make conclusions regarding the violations of the drivers", informed the head of the oblast prosecutor's office Valeriy Barabash.

Meanwhile, the relatives and friends of the deceased claim that the driver did not drink at all. Dmytro's two friends are in the hospital right now with various injuries. The third one was let go. One of the girls told the journalists that an unknown person called her and hinted not to talk too much. The father of the victim says that the lawyers came to him. "(They) came in the evening. They didn't come and ask if my child died. They came and asked who will pay for the damages", complains the father.

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