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 Tymoshenko: I was Systemically Degraded in the Colony. I Still Cannot Move

The former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko states that the German doctors and Kharkov hospital personnel practically saved her life, since in the colony she was "systemically degraded".

In an interview to Polish Newsweek she said: "You don't think I will talk about my health problems, do you? I am not used to doing it. But I would like to thank the German doctors that with the support of the German government and the whole EU practically forced their way into the colony where I was systemically degraded. The doctors practically saved my life. They showed great courge by undertaking my treatment in a Ukrainian hospital. Their mission was accompanied by provocations in the best traditions of Stalin. For example, letters signed by certain Ukrainian doctors from the Presidential Administration demanding to cease treatment. I have to acknowledge that the doctors and other medical personnel of the hospital where I stay - they treat me loyally and professionally".

"I cannot do many things by myself but I do not feel that I became weaker because of it. Someday I will become healthy again. But right now my thougths are preoccupied by how to free Ukraine from dictatorship. I know, I do know that it will be incredibly hard", said Tymoshenko.

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