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 Kiev City Council has Prepared a Draft Decision on the Language Matter

Kiev City Council has a draft decision regarding the language matter according to which Ukrainian will remain the single official language in the capital.

The press service of BYUT-Batkivschyna fraction in the councilinformed Censor.NET that its deputies prepared the draft of thedocument On the Position of the Kiev City Council Regarding theState Language Policy.

The chairman of the fraction Tatyana Melihova stated that thedocument will guarantee that Ukrainian will remain the onlyofficial language in Kiev.

According to her, the draft decisionprescribes to consider the LawOn the Basics of the State Language Policy to be exempt fromexecution in the territory of Kiev. The only official language, thelanguage for records management is the Ukrainian language. Civilservants, officials, enterprises, organizations and establishmentsand citizens in realizing the state language policy in Kiev shouldapply article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine that grants theofficial status to the Ukrainian language.

Thefraction leader said: "people come to me and say that they feel andsupport the struggle for Ukrainian and they are against thelanguage law, even though they use Russian in their daily life.Kiev residents know very well that there never was, is or will beany oppression of Russian in the capital. Nobody forces you to useUkrainian in your daily life or in talking withofficials".

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