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 The US Insists on Tymoshenko's Release: the Former Prime-Minister's Case is Against the Ukrainian Legislation

The United States are disappointed that the Superior Specialized Civil and Criminal Court of Ukraine has upheld the decision in regard to Tymoshenko's gas case, said the State Department representative Victoria Newland.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, the diplomat said:"We are obviously disappointed by this decision. We have previouslyexpressed concerns in regard to the persecution of opposition andprevious government in Ukraine, including prime-minister YuliaTymoshenko and head of MVD Yuriy Lutsenko".

She emphasized that "we continue to insist on Ukrainiangovernment releasing Mrs. Tymoshenko and other members of theCabinet and restoring their political and civil rights".

Newland noted that "in hearing these cases we have expressedconcerns as to how they they were dealt with, in regard toevidentiary basis, legal process, and personal treatment. We arenot talking about single events there (in Ukraine). We are talkingabout how the justice on the whole was applied in these cases. Weare concerned that they were politically motivated and do notcomply with the Ukrainian legislation".

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