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 Minister in Azarov's Cabinet: Keeping Tymoshenko in Prison Means Isolation of Ukraine

The head of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine Viktor Baloga criticized the decision of the Superior Specialized Court to uphold the decision of Rodion Kireyev and the Appelate Court on the gas case of Yulia Tymoshenko.

On his Facebook page, Baloga wrote that he could not refrain from commenting the court's decision.

"It is hard to suspect me of being a member of Tymoshenko's fan club. But everybody understands that it is time to find a political decision for this problem", wrote Baloga.

"All processes around Ukraine prompt me to one single conclusion: Tymoshenko's imprisonment means isolation of the country from the world development. If being on the curb of the progress is our way then, regretfully, the decision is right", summed up the minister.

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