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 26% of Donetsk First-Graders Will Go to Ukrainian Classes

In the upcoming school year 26.5% of the first-graders will study in Ukrainian.

Citing Donetsk city council, UNIAN reports that on September 1, 2012, 272 first grades with7,763 students (last year 7,227) will start their work.

In accordance with the parents' choices, 2,057 children will betaught in Ukrainian (26.5%). Currently Donetsk has 34 schools thathave the status of institutions with Ukrainian language ofstudying. Altogether there will be 718 classes with Ukrainian and28.3% Donetsk student will study in the official language (17,649students).

The city council notes that on the whole the education field of thecity will be represented by 158 general education establishments ofall types and forms of ownership (150 public and 8 private) where67 thousand people will study (the same number last year); 181pre-school establishments and 27 extracurrical institutions.

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