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 Yanukovych to Putin: What are We Going to Do with Aircraft, Machine, and Vessel Engineering?

Viktor Yanukovych thinks that the main mission for two states is to find new cooperation opportunities.

Censor.NET was informed by the President's press-service thatYanukovych stated that Ukraine and Russia need to find new andefficient ways of economic cooperation after the Russian Federationjoined the WTO".

"Russia is one of the main trading partners for Ukraine. Wewould like this process (Russia joining the WTO) to be as efficientas it can be", said Yanukovych at the meeting with Putin inSochi.

Yanukovych noted that in the future Ukraine and Russia would dowell by acquiring sale markets for high-tech fields ofeconomics.

The President added that series of question, particularly the heavymachinery engineering, are still important for bilateral elations.I would like for us to place as much clarity into different mattersas we can: what are we going to do with aircraft, machine andvessel engineering?", said Yanukovych.

On August 22 Russia became 156th member of the World TradeOrganization.

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