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 A Friend of the Party of Regions Local Leader Shot a Man Holding a Baby in His Hands. PHOTOS

According to witnesses, the incident happened around 2 a.m. on the night of August 21 in Sednevka village (Ustinov district of Kirovograd oblast).

According to Kirovograd.Comments, a married couple Igor Lityankov and Inna Nizhyntogether with a baby Anna came to Sednevka to celebrate a birthdayof their friend.

About 1 a.m. they called a taxi to go back home. When Igor waswaiting for a car holding a baby in his arms, the head of thevillage council Ivan Blazhko came out with a gun and startedshouting about loud music during the birthday celebration. In thecourse of the argument he hit Igor in the face and then hit hisleg. To avoid a conflict with the man, still holding his daughter,he headed back to the house when he suddenly felt a strong blow tothe back. As it turned out, the head of the village shot his rifle.Upon hearing the shots the other guests ran away and the houseowners called the police. When the police was taking a statementthey tried to leave empty spaces in the protocol but Igor's wifeinsisted to cross them out.

Later Igor was taken to the hospital. It is very strange thatthe weapon used to make the shot was not even confiscated. A deputyof the Ustinov district council Ekaterina Dumcheva talked to therelatives of the victim and noted that they don't believe in fairpunishment. Village head Blazhko has powerful relatives: hisbrother is vice-chairman of Ustinov district council (StrongUkraine Party) and his nephew is the head of Ustinov TrafficPolice.

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