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 Azarov's Minister: Putin Executed a Brilliant Operation Against Ukraine

Minister of Emergencies of Ukraine Viktor Baloga who took a leave of absence to participate in the elections decided to publish behind-the-scene details of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

"Putin executed a brilliant special operation regarding theUkrainian Gas Transportation System (GTS). As the result of theenslaving gas agreements signed by Tymoshenko, Russia received thefollowing: 1. Money from Ukraine to realize their North Flowproject. 2. Leeway in terms of time for the development of by-passpipe-lines. 3. Russia does not pay real money to Ukraine fortransit of gas as it does to other European countries", listedBaloga on his Facebook page.

The minister underlined that Russia "does not pay us a singlepenny of fines for decreasing the transit through Ukraine" afterthe North Flow started to pump a different volume.

Baloga fears that in the future Russia will decrease the transitof gas even more and place the maintenance costs on Kiev even if itpumps just a thousand of cubic meters of gas.

"Thanks to this scheme and these gas agreements, Putin willbankrupt the GTS and will be able to buy it together with landunder it for a song", thinks the Minister.

In Baloga's opinion, the main task now is to think "how we can pullUkraine out of this financial abyss".

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