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 Three Thousand People Came to the Highest Special Court to Support Tymoshenko. VIDEO

The supporters of the former prime-minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko are walking through downtown Kiev to the Highest Special Court on civil and criminal cases where the appeal hearing of the Gas case verdict will be held.

According to the Batkivschyna press-service, the meeting of theformer prime-minister's supporters has gathered around 3,000people. They are carrying a 20 meter banner reading "FreeYulia!".

According to the release, the meeting at the Highest SpecialCourt will be held for as long as the appeal proceedings are takingplace.

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Addressing the meeting participants, BYUT deputy SergeyPashynskiy said, "We want the people who are reviewing the appealto think about their duty and make a just decision even if theyhave to ignore the orders from Bankovaya (PresidentialAdministration)".

Previously, the Pechersk district court of Kiev has foundTymoshenko guilty of abuse of power in the conclusion of gascontracts with Russia in 2009 and sentenced her to 7 years ofincarceration.

The Special Court has postponed the appeal hearings several timesreferring to Tymoshenko's absence. Her lawyer has accused the courtof deliberate delaying of the case to prevent the defense fromtaking the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

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