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 Russia Has Once Again Prohibited Sale of Ukrainian Cheeses

Several consignments of Ukrainian cheeses of two producers have not been allowed into Russia.

Glavkom reports that the RussianFederal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare(Rospotrebnadzor) has issued a statement that, "Three consignmentsof cheese produced by Prometey totaling 39 tons and 9 consignmentsof cheese produced by Gadyachcheese totaling 273.866 tons did notpass the sanitary and epidemic inspections and do not comply withthe regulations. The above-mentioned product has not been allowedfor sale".

"In 8 months of 2012Rospotrebnadzor has received 360 samples of cheese produced by 5Ukrainian companies. The study of 331 samples has been completedand 320 consignments have been approved for sale", declares thestatement.

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