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 CEC Website Has Taken Down the Regions Candidate Declaration Where He “Forgot” to Mention His Bentley

The property declaration of the Party of Regions’ candidate in 109 district Vladimir Mednyak has disappeared from the site of the Central Election Commission.

This became clear after theend of the registration, reports the Chestnoorganization.

Presently, the constituentsare offered to download the election program of the candidateinstead.

"A few days ago I downloadedMedyanik's declaration from the CEC site since right now we analyzethe candidates in accordance with Chestno criteria. Today I openedthe CEC website and saw that the declaration disappeared", says themovement's Lugansk coordinator Vsevolod Filimonenko.

"Possibly, it is a technicalmalfunction on the site. However, we have a copy of the documentthat had reasons to disappear. The Bentley car that Medyanik drivesevery day is not on the declaration", says the coordinator.Medyanik mentioned 6 vehicles: 2 car, 3 motorcycles and ajet-ski.

The Chestno movement notesthat the information about the Bentley that the deputy drives inLugansk on the daily basis is absent. According to the document,the property and income of Medyanik in 2011 constituted 95,270 UAH(12,000 USD). Besides the 6 vehicles the future deputy owns 2apartments and "other real estate" totaling 273.7 sq. m. and 6 landplots.

Lugansk activists could notobtain a comment from the candidate regarding the disappearance ofthe declaration from the CEC website or the Bentley.

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