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 Polls: Record Increase in Ukrainian Patriotism – 82%

August, 2012 has seen a record growth of patriotism in Ukraine. Thus, in the past half a year the number of Ukrainians who consider themselves to be patriots grew from 73 to 82%.

Thesepublished numbers are based on the results of the RatingSociological Group's latest research, reports NBN.

Comparedto the indicators of two years ago, the number of those whoconsider themselves to be patriots of their country grew from 77 to82%, and in comparison to the data from half a year ago the growthis even more rapid - from 73 to 82%.

It shallbe marked that 40% of the respondents unambiguously considerthemselves to be patriots and 42% say rather yes than no. Only 10%do not consider themselves to be patriots. Another 8% have notundecided.

The most substantialincrease of patriotic feelings was recorded in the east of thecountry, Donbas as well as the west and the north. On the contrary,the south demonstrates opposite tendencies.

Sociologists emphasize thatgrowth of patriotism is particularly noticeable in the regions thathosted the Euro-2012 matches. That is why it can be assumed thatthe increase is mostly related to this event.

Ukrainians, first of all,consider the following to be a matter of pride for their country:the people, the place where they were born and grew up (34%), theland, the territory where they are living (29%), national songs,holidays, traditions (27%).

The source of pride is alsothe nature (26%), the country's past and history (25%), being ahard-working and house-proud nation (25%), the great people of theUkrainian nationality (24%).

Also the pride is rised bythe people's character traits (22%), literature and art (11%),ancestors' graves and their memory (11%), the flag, coat of armsand anthem (4%). The minimal amount of pride refers to the militarystrength of the state - only 1%.

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