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 US Ambassador: Lutsenko Was Made Guilty Even Before the Trial

The US ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft thinks that the court has allowed numerous violations in the case of ex-MVD Minister Yuriy Lutsenko and violated the assumption of innocence.

In his article for ZN.UA the ambassador wrote, "Recently thecourt (the European Court of Human Rights) has found Lutsenko'spre-trial arrest and detention to be illegal. In the verdict thecourt found the treatment of Lutsenko illegal as well as criticizedthe prosecution, the court hearings and the appeal process for theabuse of pre-trial procedures", said Tefft.

The USdiplomat noted that the European court considers "very troubling"the fact that the court and prosecution decided to detain Lutsenkobefore the hearings to prevent his public speeches regardinginnocence and criticizing the investigation. "These grounds forpre-trial arrest already assumes the suspect being guilty andviolates the Constitution regarding the assumption ofinnocence".

"This isthe type of incorrect grounds that can be expected from thejudiciary system built for accusations and assuming that police andprosecutors are never wrong and they do not need to be asked tojustify their actions; in a competitive criminal law of procedurethese grounds are unimaginable", he stressed.

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