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 Tymoshenko's Lawyer Hopes the EU will Arrest the European Assets of the Yanukovych Family

Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer Sergey Vlasenko informed that the United Opposition addressed the corresponding law enforcement agencies of various EU countries regarding the investigations of numerous corrupted deals conducted by the high-ranking politicians of Ukraine.

At his press-conference inLigaBusinessInform he reminded that the US Congress has a set ofdraft resolutions regarding various sanctions against the Ukrainianauthorities for violating the basics of democracy inUkraine.

Vlasenko specified that it regards to the creation of a list,similar to the so-called Magnitskiy List, as well as freezing theassets of Yanukovych family in the US. "I really hopethat this resolution will be accepted in the nearest future. As toEurope, the situation is a bit different. Yulia Tymoshenko as aleader of the United Opposition has appealed to corresponding lawenforcement agencies of various EU countries regarding theinvestigations of numerous corrupted deals, conducted by thehigh-ranking politicians of Ukraine. Particularly, she regards tothe so-called privatization of Ukrtelekom (telecommunicationsgiant) by Yanukovych's clan, Boyko platforms (the corruptionscandal with buying drilling platforms for the amount several timesover it price), mass corruption during the construction inpreparation for Euro-2012 as well as illegal privatization ofMezhygirya residence. I hope that during the investigation of thiscorruption (the profits from which went to Europe) the lawenforcement agencies of the European countries will start therelevant criminal cases as well as will begin arresting theEuropean asset of the Yanukovych family.

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