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 Famous TV Journalist Quits her Job: I Cannot Take Part in Fooling Millions anymore

STB journalist Natalya Sokolenko has given a statement of her resignation due to the mass of biased materials on the TV channel. She wrote about this at her blog.

"A politician, named Korolevskaya, does not exist. It is acreation the regime made to fool people who hate the Regions. It isabsolutely obvious for the readers of the Ukrainian Pravda (whereSokolenko writes her blog). However, it is not obvious to millionsof viewers of my "Vikna" (Windows) program on STB channel. In"Vikna" Korolevskaya is represented as a real politician whothinks, makes decisions, plans to do something, but it is not true.The money for her advertisement is not her money. The words are nothers (this ghost has not even started talking in Ukrainian), butthose of a brigade of her talentless speech writers who copy thesame text over and over about the ideas of "improvement" for smallbusinesses", writes the journalist.

"I cannot take part infooling millions of people any longer. No, I personally did notmake the story on Korolevksaya, "the Improvement" from Yanukovychand Azarov, the Head of the Tax Division Klimenko or others.But I am still ashamed. That is why I handed in my resignation",said Natalya Sokolenko.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n214980