Ukrainian Politics

 The Regions said that it is not by the "rule of the underworld" and I will have to Answer for that, - the Author of Babushka & Cat Ad.

The former head of Yelizavetov village council Maxim Golosnoy who placed the now-famous outdoor advertisement has hidden his wife and 11-month baby – he is afraid of persecutions in regard to him and his family.

"They told me off-the record that the Regions are not happywith me, that this is not by the "rule of the underworld" and thatI will have to answer for that", said Golosnoy in an interview toGazeta.ua. "To rephrase it in ordinary language, "We arecontrolling the country and you are bothering us". If somethinghappens to me the fault goes to the police. I don't do drugs, Idon't drink, I don't smoke, I have no broken bones or hemorrhages,I passed a medical exam".

"I moved my wife and11-year old baby in advance. I cannot say where. I am thankful tothe journalists who are not ignorant. As long as things are likethis, the society can change. I do not communicate with politiciansnow. I have friends in No One But Us organization who stormed theParliament. If it gets too hard I will resort to theirhelp".

"Two days ago I had toswitch off my last phones because I had information that my casewas given to Dnepropetrovsk Organized Crime Unit. These guys do notkid around. You can lose your health", summed up Golosnoy, "I wastold that, "You will not get out. We will make you recognizance notto leave".

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n214896