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 Babushka Billboard Author is on the Wanted List not Because of Politics, says the Police

The Police says, that there is no connection between Maxim Golosnoy being on the wanted list and the billboard picturing a babushka and a cat saying “I Found out that my Grandson Voted for Party of Regions and left the House to the Cat”.

The Ukrainian News cites the Oblast Police Department pressrelease, which reminds that Golosnoy has earlier posted a video onthe Internet where he talked about political persecution because ofthe billboard.

"The information that Mr. Golosnoy is the author of thebillboard and due to this fact a criminal case was opened … isincorrect", says the release.

According to the police, a case as opened on the 21November, 2011 by the investigation department of Petrikov districtpolice regarding the fact of embezzlement and misappropriation ofproperty of the Elizavetov village council where Golosnoy was achairman at that time".

At the same time according to the charges were changed onlyon 26 July and on 27 he was placed on the list.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n214818