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 Yanukovych Offered Merkel to Bail out Tymoshenko for $7 Billion. After that the Councilor Does Not Speak to Him, Says Rybachuk

President Viktor Yanukovych offered German Councilor Angela Merkel to bail out Tymoshenko for 7 billion dollars.

Oleg Rybachuk, one of the cofounders of Chesno movementtold the story in an interview to Ostrov.

He noted that Yanukovych's negative image is formed duringthe meetings with leaders of other countries.

He told a story about Yanukovych talking to Merkel: "Well,if you want her then pay for her - she stole 14 billion but we willgive her up for half the price". "The information about thisconversation comes from one of Merkel's assistants. One of hiscomrades from the Party of Regions persuaded Yanukovych thatTymoshenko stole 15 billion dollars and hid it in the EuropeanUnion. Where did they get the number - who the hell knows? AndYanukovych was noble, he offered Merkel to buy Tymoshenko for halfthe price. Merkel's advisor told me that it took a long time forher to come back to her senses and when she did she stopped evensaying hello to him", said Rybachuk.

Talking to the Ukrainian Pravda Rybachuk stated that heheard this story from "several reliable sources that he trusts" andthat these are Germans from Merkel's political cabinet.

He also reminded of another story when after a February'smeeting with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton she said thatthe interpreter was bad and the Ukrainian President did notunderstand what he was told.

"I know about this from my American sources. It is a commonfact", added Rybachuk.

"At these one-on-one meetings you cannot openly tell liesor promise something and not do it", he noted.

"I have one goal - to explain why nobody shakes thepresident's hand in Europe", he concluded.

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