Ukrainian Politics

 The Party of Regions tells People not to Stick Their Noses into Yanukovych’s Escort Closing the Streets

Residents of Sevastopol should not demand any explanations as to the prolonged blocking of the central city roads because of Yanukovich’s visit today.

NR reports that vice head ofthe Party of Regions VR fraction Mikhail Chechetov said that, inhis opinion "it is the matter to be decided by the President andhis security services. And neither you nor I should stick our nosesinto it. The President's security knows better what to fly on orwhere to block the roads. They know better! And do not stick thenoses into it. It is their professional responsibility. Theprotection of the first person is their responsibility",emotionally replied the deputy commenting on the situation inSevastopol.

"And if the local authorities - Crimea or not - have not doneeverything they needed, if the roads were closed for such a longtime, that they should be asked. It is their fault", saidChechetov.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n214722