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 I Found out that my Grandson Voted for the Party of Regions and left the House to the Cat – the Advertisement Drove the Governor Crazy. PHOTO

Dnepropetrovsk governor Alexander Vikul has demanded to take down the billboards advertising one of the internet news sites of Dneprodzerzhynsk.

DneprodzerzhynskONLINE citing its sources reports that "the owners ofDneprodzerzhinsk billboards where our advertisement is locatedalongside the social advertisement received a call from thegovernor who emphatically demanded to "take care of thisdisgrace".

According to them, thereason for worries was the image of an old lady (babushka) with acat and a caption that reads: I Found out that my Grandson Votedfor the Party of Regions and left the House to the Cat.

The news site underlines that "the banner does not violateanybody's rights and does not insult anybody and definitely doesnot violate the current legislation".

"No less attention was drawn to one of the previous board(on the picture below) that local

"It is curious why the representatives of the Party ofRegions think it refers to them? There is something here", says theauthor of the site.

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