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 The US has already Imposed Various Sanctions Against Ukraine, Says Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus

US sanctions in regard to Ukraine have already been applied but for now we talk only about diplomatic sanctions.

In an interview to UNN the former Ukrainian ambassador toBelarus Roman Bezsmertnyy explained that "If you analyze thesituation objectively then you will see that various sanctions havealready been implemented. The first thing that the diplomats see isthe decrease of cooperation level. This is the first signal that issent in the diplomatic field to let someone know that "everythingis not all right in your country".

The expert explained that in practice it means the decreaseof the rank of people conducting meetings (i.e. first thecooperation was at the presidential level, then heads ofgovernments and later on technical level). "In other words, thecooperation exists but it is shameful to talk about it since it ison the level of section heads of some departments. And today thisdecrease has revealed itself", said he.

According to Bezsmertnyy, the next steps from, forinstance, the United States in regard to the country that issanctioned are well known in the diplomatic world.

"Those are two categories of sanctions: political andeconomic. The political ones are ignoring the country in holdingvarious international forums, for example on nuclear security,energy, economic cooperation, possibly forums on the matters ofcooperation in grain trading, production of oil products, mineralproducts but this already goes into economic area, however for nowat the communication level. As soon as it is clear that thesemeasures limiting communications do not provide any result theother two groups of political and economic sanctions are activatedrelated to more specific actions, for example refusal of visa,creation of ban list. From economic sanctions there may be marketaccess limit, for example when some countries all of a sudden startcriticizing some product", explains Bezsmertnyy.

And if that does not work the diplomat says the individualsanctions are then applies related to the leaders of the country."For example, blocking of the accounts, blocking the accounts oftheir entourage, blocking the party and regime investors' accounts.Alongside this a mechanism of limiting the country's access to themost resourceful markets is applied. That is, we talk aboutlimiting the country in arms or weapons trading, limitingpetroleum, oil and lubricant trading, and these are the mostresourceful markets. If these measures do not provide any resultsthat the discussion is taken to international forums, officialbodies, for instance the European Parliament. And there theofficial decisions regarding the government and persons.Particularly in regard to Belarus such decisions were alreadymade", he noted.

According to Bezsmertnyy these decisions have to beapproved jointly by all the countries related to the body that ismaking the decision.

"At that time Belarus lost around 7 billion dollars ofprofit to the state budget. And these numbers are very serious evenif you consider that the budget of Ukraine is bigger than Belarusone.", he said.

According to Bezsmertnyy, Ukraine is now standing on theverge of being ignored at international events. "They can simplynot invite Ukraine… The peculiarity of Ukraine being alphabeticallyclose to the US, however they can sit us somewhere among Africancountries to make sure that we are comfortable… In that world theydon't beat you on the head. In a civilized world they calmly showyou that you can do whatever you want but then this is your place",he stated.

Earlier, The USCommission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (US HelsinkiCommission) warned Ukraine that if it does not adhere to internationalstandards of holding elections, the Congress will apply the samesanctions as were applied against Belarus.

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