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 If We Disperse the Anti Authority Votes, We Can Say Good-Bye to Ukraine, says Andruhovich

The only way to get rid of the current regime in Ukraine is to vote for Batkivschyna united opposition in the parliamentary elections.

In his interview to Bukvoyed writer Yuriy Andruhovich stated "I think that it is a good idea to support only the united opposition and that's all. WE do not have any other option to get rid of the current regime. If we disperse the anti-ruling votes again then it's good-bye Ukraine". Answering the question if he was offered to run in the party list Andruhovich said: "No, they didn't. I am not influential as a person or as authority.

And on the whole I think that we don't need writers in the parliament but we need good fighters. In recent years the ability to block or unblock the podium has been decisive. All harmful decisions for Ukraine have been pushed through broker noses, crooked jaws and concussions. And our people have always lost these fights. We really need our own Tedeyevs (deputy-wrestling champion from the ruling party) in the parliament.

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