Ukrainian Politics
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 Instability Threatens Ukraine in the Fall. The Country may be left in Isolation, – Die Presse.

Ukraine will hold parliamentary elections in the Fall. “What is a routine civic duty in other countries is moment of truth in the present Ukraine” – writes Die Presse author Eduard Steiner.

If thecurrent president Viktor Yanukovich manages to retain theparliamentary majority it will mean further isolation for thecountry. "If his Party of Regions does not win theelectionsit willat least lead to potential recovery of a political balance, basedon which a system of distribution of power could be built again",thinks Steiner.

Average Ukrainians live between these fronts. Theyhave swallowed the amendment of the Law on elections inYanukovich's favor. They have to watch in awe and sometimes becomevictims of oligarch expansion. Due to hostile takeovers by thecompanies close to the ruling circles the number of small andmedium businesses dropped by 30% in 2010 alone and 1.5 lost theirjobs, says economist Vladimir Dubrovskiy.

With the help of the law that allows Russian to bethe second official language Yanukovich will try to mobilize theEastern Ukraine voters. However, he can stumble on economics as ithappened with Timoshenko. The Fall threatens Ukraine with a certaininstability, thinks Dubrovskiy.

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