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 Batkivschyna and Svoboda will run in a Single Front in Majority Districts (updated)

Svoboda VO (All-Ukrainian Union Freedom) has coordinated all majority districts with the united opposition and received 35 districts.

This was announced at the joint press-conference of Svoboda chairman Oleg Tyagnybok, the chairman of Batkivschyna (Motherland) united opposition council Arseniy Yatsenyuk and leader of the opposition central headquarters Alexandr Turchinov.

The statement regarding the end of the negotiations was signed by the leaders of the opposition on Thursday. "We have coordinated all majority districts and will go in a single front as opposition" - said Turchinov.

In his turn Arseniy Yatsenyuk has assured that the opposition did not divide the districts but has determined who the high rating candidates are based on the sociological data.

Answering the question of why Vitaliy Klitschko did not join them, Yatsenyuk said that the opposition waited to continue negotiations with his party Udar (Strike) until the moment it announced its own list of candidates.

"Those who wanted to unite did so. We greatly regret that such decision was not made by everyone and after a certain party published its lists we think that there is no point in negotiations though the fault is not ours." - he said.

According to the agreements Svoboda and Batkivschyna united opposition will take part in parliamentary elections of 2012 by two separate electoral lists.

At that, in single mandate districts 190 people will run from Batkivschyna and 35 from Svoboda.

Svoboda and Batkivschyna will coordinate their actions, particularly in district and division committees, in organizing the work of observers to ensure abidance of the law, equal opportunities for all election participants at all stages and honest and transparent determination of the election results", states the message.

It is also noted that the parties have agreed about full cooperation in Verkhovnaya Rada of the VII calling and will coordinate a list of priority bills that will be voted for in full force.

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