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 They Hide all Phones from Tymoshenko and in the Colony They even Told her to Crawl for Them, - Lawyer

Defense attorney of Yulia Tymoshenko deputy Sergey Vlasenko claims that in Kharkov hospital and Kachanovskaya colony ex-prime minister of Ukraine was limited in her access to landline phones.

In an interview to TSN, Vlasenko said: "Can Tymoshenko call anyone from a land-line? No. Tнmoshenko could not do it when she was in Kachanovskaya colony because they were telling her: We set the phones in the control room. That is why, you, Mrs. Tymoshenko should walk there. And if you can't walk - it's your problem. Crawl then."
"Now in the hospital they say they have no technical capabilities to install a phone there. Even though there is a phone on the eighth floor (shows the picture on his smart-phone). So they do have technical capabilities and anything else. It is just extremely important for them to make sure that Tymoshenko has no contacts with the outside world" - says the deputy.

He also added that there is a legislative act called Correctional Code which regulates the status of convicts.

"In this Code there is article 110, part 5, quoting "Convicts are granted the right for telephone talks without limitations as to their number under the control of administration." Translating from legal terms to regular it means that each person in the penitentiary system has the right at any time to come to a phone and call anyone he/she likes. The only thing is that the phone is officially listened to" - noted Tymoshenko's defense attorney.

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