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Ukraine has struck a blow at Putin’s assassins. Why aren’t we celebrating?

Ukraine has struck a blow at Putin’s assassins. Why aren’t we celebrating?On Tuesday, Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was murdered in his apartment building in Kiev, Ukraine — or so we thought. I was in Norway, hosting the 10th annual Oslo Freedom Forum in my role as the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation. We issued a strong statement condemning the killing. That night I wrote a column memorializing him, sickened over the death of yet another comrade for opposing Vladimir Putin. "I feel grief, exhaustion, and outrage," I wrote. "But not surprise."


Command and Staff paper

Command and Staff paperThe Military is a peculiar career for citizens. It deals in violence, life and death and is often the last political resort of a nation. Military Personnel are the only members of society a nation requires to ultimately risk their lives rather than accepting failure in a mission. The Military cannot afford to fail. This creates challenges for career officers that are particular to them and do not occur in any other profession. Two of these are the concepts of "Command” and "Staff”. Neither concept exist the same in any other walk of life but to the military they are the lifeblood that makes the system work.


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